Thank you for allowing us to capture your athlete's photos!

Photo Day - Sunday, October 28, 2012



Photo Day

Individual portraits will consist of 4 poses selected by the gymnast - floor and/or beam and then serious and fun team images.

Order On Photo Day

Athletes can turn in the order envelopes as they come up for their individual photo. If you did not receive an envelope, you can turn in a printed form with payment: download form

    Exact change, Check, CC accepted. We will have the ability to “swipe” your card onsite as time permits

View Images Online

Once proofs are processed, images will be posted online. Typically within 2 days.

Deadline To Change Image To Be Ordered
By November 4th, confirm the image (via email) to be used to complete the pre-order. If we do not receive a photo selection confirmation, we will fill the order from Selected for Orders link.

  • How will you tell us the number you’d like if you select from the Extras?
  • Proof #: On the contact sheet, a number appears in the upper right hand corner. You can email us the proof number.
  • Image #: If you click on the image so that it appears larger and see a long file name to the right with “Alpha28oct12-” and then a #, the # would be the image number you would email us.

Orders placed online by November 4th will be delivered with pre-orders to the organization and can select $0 shipping fee.

Orders placed after November 4th will need to select $5 sports shipping options.

Order Completion

Orders with completed payment will be delivered to the organization within 2-3 weeks.

Pre-orders: pricing includes tax and product is delivered all at once to the organization

Orders completed online: subject to higher prices, less options, tax and shipping fee. ($5 sports shipping)

Orders made in October qualify for the Organization Fundraising - 10% of product fee is returned back to the club.

Product samples:

As always, please contact us with questions: